Fancy Dress Costumes

Fancy Dress Costumes

Ok, so you just got the call to go to this great party on the weekend, but its no ordinary party, its a fancy dress party. The first thing that obviously comes to mind is, hmm! what kind of fancy dress outfit am I going to wear? how much money will I have to spend and where I am going to buy my fancy dress outfit? Of course if the party has a fancy dress theme, example: superheroes, doctors and nurses, vicars and tarts etc. then this is going to be much easier to narrow down your choice of fancy dress costume selection... but what if there is no fancy dress costume theme?

If you don't want to spend any money on your costume then you can try the do it yourself, the (D.I.Y) method! Just looking at online fancy dress websites will give you a myriad of ideas to choose from, remember you can window shop on the worldwide web too!! Below is a short list for possible reasons to make your own costume!

  • Children can have fun making the costume and its a great thing to do with or for your child.
  • You can save money making your own costume and if you have the free time why not?
  • You can almost guarantee a unique costume that you can exact to your own specific taste.

However for some buying or maybe even hiring a costume is the best way forward if you do not have the time or inclination to do the (D.I.Y) method. These days if you are on a tight budget you will be amazed at how little money some fancy dress costumes can now be purchased for so it has to be asked why hire when you can buy for a similar price and keep the costume to reuse.

When buying your costume there are a couple of things to take into consideration, like Do you intend on wearing the costume more that once, would a throw away piece of clothing should it become damaged not spoil the night, what type of party is it and what kind of impact would you like to make, a funny one perhaps, blend into the crowd or stop the show. If you are only planning on wearing your outfit once than you will most certainly be able to pick up fancy dress clothing to suit your needs for very little cost if you look hard enough. If you plan on wearing your costume more than once then you should certainly look into spending that extra little bit of money for piece of mind knowing that your costume will most certainly come out of the washing machine looking as it did before it went in more than once. If you are after the authentic look a budget costume may not be for you and the cost will be considerably more so if you are buying to keep take your time go to the shop and try on the outfit before you buy.

Let's not forget the option of hiring your fancy dress costume though. This can be convenient for some people and given the situation sometimes a must if you do not have a big budget. If you were heading to a murder mystery weekend for example the costumes are generally of an authentic style. If you hire a costume then you will probably be guaranteed some of the best quality costumes you can find. This is because they have to be worn time and time again and subsequently put in the washing machine time and time again and as above have to appear as they did before the wash. Hiring a costume also has the advantage from the fact you can return the costume after your fancy dress party without leaving a big hole in your wallet.

Buying a costume is fairly trivial nowadays and has become quite a competitive market, you should be able to find most of your fancy dress costume needs on-line. Just type in the word fancy dress clothing or fancy dress costumes and you should be on your way to finding your perfect costume. Do not forget if you are buying then looking a little deeper may reward you in finding a cheap fancy dress costume.

So in summary if you can make it and would enjoy this practice then there is no reason to not save the money for when you are out.

If you are buying take the time to find the right costume for you that is suitable for your needs and search for the website with the best deal for your outfit, it could save you money.

Hiring a costume should never be done over the internet unless you like to take a chance, the worst thing is hiring a quality costume for ££'s that does not fit correctly so our advice is get to the shop where the assistant should be able to give all the advice you require.

The main thing to remember is whether you make, buy or hire its fancy dress and should be kept fun. I hope that gives you some more fancy dress ideas on what to wear, how much to spend and also wear to buy your Fancy dress outfits and costumes.