Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Themes make baby shower ideas very interesting. I am convinced without the themes, parties or events would have become just another social gathering. Therefore, one can confidently say that when it comes to an event, theme is really the king.

Almost all the baby shower websites available on the internet are laden with various kinds of baby shower theme ideas that promise to make your special moment a memorable one. Though you may not be able to apply all the themes available in the market, you can at least have an idea of the most popular ones.

Some Themes to Enrich Your Baby Shower Ideas

You will be surprised to know that it is often the type of theme that dictates the kind of decorations you should apply or the cuisines that you should prepare or order for. The difference in theme will also bring variations in food items and the things you would like to buy to drape your house. Nursery rhyme themes, for instance, will definitely need different arrangements than Fairy tale themes. However, before we discuss specific themes, let us have a look at some common themes that have become a part of showers:

As colors often make a great impression on someone's mood, a great many baby shower ideas and unique baby shower games use bright and happy colors. As the cheerful mood of a mother affects the unborn baby in a positive way, making her feel happy through colors will definitely help the health of the baby. The main colors that you can concentrate on are pink, blue, purple, and light green.

Among these, purple and green are considered to be neutral ones and can be used for both sexes. Now, in color theme based showers, you may showcase the color in your invitations, dresses, and decorations. Creating funny shapes with balloons or etching cartoons on them can go with this type of baby shower theme idea.

If you are going to use the Nursery Rhyme theme as one of your main idea, you have to first, make a selection of some popular rhymes for the purpose. You can use posters and washable paints to decorate your walls with nursery rhymes. The addition of some popular cartoon figures like Donald Duck, Goofy and Winnie the Pooh can make the rhymes more interesting.

You may choose some furniture that has cartoon characters on it to make your baby shower more apt. You may order for a cake that is created keeping the theme of the day in mind. Such baby shower ideas can also be made more interesting if you use the favorite rhyme of the mom-to-be. The creative use of rhymes can also be made while sending the invitations.

As these ideas are focusing on the imminent birth of the baby, you can throw a baby theme party. Here, you can use the cut-outs or pictures of the things that a baby may need. The list may include bottles, pacifiers, toys, rattles, and storks. A house thus decorated will immediately make one aware of the reason behind the occasion. Surf online, and you will find various shops that sell goods necessary for this kind of occasion. You can get more creative and design your invitations similar to the shape of storks or bottles. Posters of infants can also be used to highlight the uniqueness of these baby shower ideas.

In case you do not want to organize anything too elaborate, you can invite a chosen few for a small tea party. This can be your garden party or tea party theme. This is one of those baby shower ideas that can be managed without too many things. Arrange some tables in your garden, make some crunchy cookies, and serve them with tea.

You can set the table in a shade area so that the mom-to-be gets a more comfortable place to sit. Starting from casual wear of any color to all white apparel, you can try out any of these dress codes to make such baby showers successful.