Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Gather up all your party ideas and put them into a big pot. Let them simmer gently in your mind, stirring occasionally with a thought-provoking idea. Mull over your options, take a deep breath, and plunge into Decision-Land.

To help you make that all-important theme decision, here are some of the most favorite adult party themes to consider:

Mardi Gras Theme Party

If your birthday person loves music, colorful decorations and costumes, great food and fun times, then a "trip" to New Orleans, party style, might be in order.

Over The Hill Party Ideas

You can't have a milestone birthday without possibly considering an over the hill theme. If your guest of honor has a great sense of humor, enjoys being the center of attention or can take being the butt of a joke, then this might be the theme for you.


Western Party Ideas

If your birthday recipient has a bit of cowpoke in them, and he or she loves the wild, wild west, then you might want to consider turning your home into the O.K. Corral and host a rootin' tootin, full-on scootin Par-tay!

Adult Party Game Ideas

Now, that you have selected your theme, let the games begin.

Party Game Ideas

Every birthday party, even if it is an adult party, should include various games and activities for your guests to enjoy.

Ask Me About..."

This is a good ice breaker game. Prior to the party create a stack of tags that say, "Ask me about..." and then add a topic on each one. For example, "Ask me about..." my senior prom, my boss, the worst date I ever had, my first kiss, etc. As guests arrive, allow them to pick out a tag to wear.

Name That Tune

This is always a great party game, especially if your theme has anything to do with music. Basically, all you have to do is play a few bars and see which of your guests can figure out the song first. Whoever has the most points at the conclusion of the game, shall be the winner. If you are hosting a party that lends itself to a particular genre like a 50's theme party or a luau, you could play songs that were popular during that era or conducive to that theme.

Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to gifts, fun and entertaining choices are always an option for an adult birthday. Gag gifts that are really on target with an individual's personality, quirks, dislikes, etc. will make for a wildly great time when the opening of the presents occurs.

Party Food Ideas

The menu will depend upon the kind of party you are organizing. If, for example, you are having a 40th birthday celebration, you might decide that it is best to have a formal dinner and hire a professional caterer. This frees up your time so you are able to devote yourself to all of the party details, decorating the venue, etc., aside from not having to cook!

Other parties naturally lend themselves to finger foods and mingling. For added fun, turn your food table into something to coincide with your theme. For example, if you are hosting a western party, turn your food table into a chuck wagon. You could also "beef" up your appetizers with a cowboy twist. Place a checkered napkin in a cowboy hat and fill it with chips or tie bandanas around your serving bowls.

As you can see, implementing adult birthday party ideas can be time-consuming and require much preparation, but the result is awesome and well worth all the effort, energy, and of course, the ear-to-ear grin on the recipient's face!