Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities

With all of your relatives coming in for the holidays, you need to be ready for entertaining. This means having plenty of food, drinks, and fun. The food and drink is the easy part. What about the fun? How do you bring the fun to your family gathering? Let me give you some ideas of excellent Thanksgiving Activities for the family.

Thanksgiving Activities #1: Board Games

Yes, good old fashioned board games. Some of the BEST times I have had at family gathering is around a good board game. Some great board games for large family gatherings are: Pictionary, Scategories, and Cards (spades or hearts works well).

Thanksgiving Activities #2: Charades

With so many people at your Thanksgiving gathering, you need entertainment that is good for large groups. Charades is easy to play, no set up or supplies needed (except paper and pencil), and can be very fun. Have one or two people that are not going to play (there is always one or two in every family), and have them write down names of movies, tv shows, books, and musicals onto small squares of paper. Once complete, have the pieces of paper balled up and put into a bowl. Now you are all set for a great time!

Along with Board Games and Charades, there are other Thanksgiving Activities that can provide plenty of fun for everyone. Be creative, have fun, and share the love of your family during this special time.