Valentines Romantic Meals

Valentines Romantic Meals

If you are lucky enough to have found that special person in your life who means everything to you, then Valentines Day is the perfect time to celebrate your love for each other and traditionally a romantic candlelit meal for two is the ideal way to spend your evening together. However, there are many reasons why going out to a restaurant for dinner is not such a great idea! Trying to book a table in the restaurant of your choice is always going to be difficult - so many other couples are thinking on the same lines as you. And, as Valentine's day falls halfway through the month there are still two weeks to go before you can really afford to splurge on such a luxury. And what if the weather is miserable? Do you really want to brave the elements when the ideal solution is much closer to home and will ultimately prove to be much more romantic.

Why not create a wonderful meal together in the comfort of your own home. You are saving on expensive restaurant bills and you can now afford to buy really exotic gourmet delicacies for your Valentine's day meal together. There may be many dishes you have longed to try when dining out but the cost of them has been somewhat prohibitive to say the least. Normally extravagant dishes such as filet mignon and shrimp are perfect for this occasion, or oysters and asparagus which are considered to be wildly sensual. And, Valentine's day wouldn't be the same without chocolate. Try hand made Belgian chocolate and truffles or chocolate laced with liqueur, or whatever you love most.

You and your partner spend you time thinking of the little (and big) things that will bring each other joy. You definitely will have many things in common including food favourites. Consider creating a dish that incorporates his love of seafood, fish, chicken or pasta. If you have to track down a recipe for some obscure dish that he has always loved but can't find. Whatever it is, if prepared with love and care he will be so grateful for the lengths you have taken to make him happy.

The main course is taken care of and thoughts turn to the final part of the meal. If the meal so far has been fairly light you can go all out and serve a wonderful confection but don't choose anything that has a soporific effect! Finish your meal with something that as light as a souffle or as decadent as a cheesecake. If you are both worried about over indulging try taking a stroll before dinner or even a little dancing to set Valentine's Day dinner off to a romantic start.

Creating the perfect setting for your Valentine's day meal is as important as the meal itself. Don't forget the visual presentation of the meal plays an important part in the overall enjoyment. You want this to be a special occasion that you will always remember, so that little extra effort is really rewarding. Use your best china, make sure that the cutlery is gleaming and lay your table with your finest table linens. Set the ambiance by dimming the lights, or eating by candle light is even better. Have some soft seductive music playing in the background and a bottle of chilled champagne is the final touch.

Your Valentine's day dinner for two will definitely be more successful if you have your home entirely to yourselves. Don't share the evening with anyone else but yourselves. If you have children,as much as you love them, see if you can find a close friend or relative to look after them for this one special night. They will probably have a great time anyway and it really is important to share special moments with the person you love to keep the passion and romance you share alive.