Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Whether you want to decorate your porch or backyard or your hall where you're planning to set up the Halloween party, you actually do not need to spend a fortune on decorations. You can be little creative and set up a spooky scene with the help of different ornaments specially designed for Halloween, creepy candles and a wide range of eerie centerpieces.

This year however, the expenses on Halloween party decorations and celebrations would be less as compared to previous years due to the economic slowdown. More and more Americans this year would be making use of the Halloween decoration from the last year rather than buy new one. It has been estimated that on an average this year $23.68 would be spent on decorations by the individual household.

  • For Halloween decoration ideas you can add few spider webs available in the stores on your decorations which will bring a spooky effect to your Halloween.
  • You may also consider adding a tree in your home or on the yard to bring about a festive mood to the decorations.
  • To enhance the dilapidated and deserted look to your Halloween decorations, gather some old, torn, tattered and shredded clothes that you can easily buy from stores found during Halloween.
  • Make use of some eerie door frames to change the look your front door. These frames would add up to the spooky effect to your Halloween decorations.
  • Get some scarecrows as they augment the scary effect to the Halloween decorations. Put a few on the front porch and backyard as well as some on the hall where you have arranged for the party.
  • Another great idea would be to place lighted jack-o-lantern all the way on your front porch. You can bring some plastic jack-o-lantern available with the retailers and light them with candles powered by battery.
  • Hanging Halloween flags and banners that are available at the time of Halloween will make your Halloween spooktacular.
  • Give more touch of nature to your Halloween decorations by including objects such as haystacks for decorating the outside porch, cornstalks as well as scarecrows filled with straws. Try using more of the autumn colors in your decorations like shades of orange, gold and brown. You may also consider using natural fragrance like vanilla or sandalwood or cinnamon on the candles that you have placed for decorations.

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