Halloween Makeup

As many people have found out to their dismay, just having a good Halloween costume is not enough and one needs good Halloween makeup ideas to make it successful. You will also need good quality Halloween makeup ideas to supplement and complement that cool costume that you have bought or created for yourself.

There are multiple aspects to makeup, and everything does not match all costumes. Hence, the following is a list of multiple Halloween makeup ideas that can be used by a diligent Halloween fan.

The zombie

The zombie look is one of the most popular during Halloween and rightly so because it brings the complete Halloween effect to the fore. There are two aspects to the zombie makeup, namely the person has to look bloodless but at the same time have maimed parts of his body showing a significant amount of blood and gore. This would mean that a lot of the person's skin would need to be painted white with some choicest parts of the body showing blood and gore.

The vampire

The vampire look needs to combine dignity with danger as vampires are popularly believed to be an extremely lethal, albeit sophisticated breed. Therefore, you need to ensure that the costume that you have prepared is sufficiently classy. Along with the costume, you should make yourself look extremely well groomed but pale. Simultaneously, you should add those toothy canines that are the hallmark of vampires. A little blood near your lips would complete the look. The vampire look should depend upon subtlety, and hence the sophisticated and groomed look combined with the canines and blood on the lips would mischievously combine to shock any viewer.


The witch look is very popular amongst adventurous and enthusiastic females. In order for this look to work, you need to make your face yellow and, if possible, grimy. Supplement this grimy and sick look with a fake pointy nose and multiple moles artfully placed on the nose, cheek and maybe the chin.


Like in the case of all Halloween makeup ideas, the devil is in the details here too. This statement is true because when it comes to the devil makeup, the devil is, indeed, in the details. In order to get the devil look, some of the basic things that you will need are the red skin, the forked tail and those canines. However, the detail that really brings out the devil in you is pointy facial hair and eyebrows. If you have a French beard then the look will become even more augmented.

In order to get a makeup that matches the costume that you have planned out, all you need is a little common sense. For example, you can create blood by combining regular household items such as corn syrup, water and food coloring or if even this is difficult then plain tomato ketchup.

Moreover, any look can be achieved if you pay attention to the detail and visualize how the actual character looks. Another example is the character of Jack Sparrow which would just need you to add grime, dark areas under the eyes and braids to the actual costume.