Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors are a small token of appreciation that you can show the guest that came to your party and made it so wonderful for the mom to be. There are plenty of ways and things that you can give as favors to your guests. Here we have just segregated them into broad categories.

Remember that there are a number of online and offline stores that would be glad to give you their assistance for choosing the favors. Depending on the budget and the theme that you have chosen, you can have baby shower favors done. You can even personalize them yourself or have the store do it for you.

This remains by far the most popular baby showers favors that are given away. These include candy jars, mint tins, fortune cookies, brownie pops, cake mixes, chocolate coins, chocolate lollipops and much more. You could also personalize these babys shower favor. These are some of the most inexpensive favors and cost anywhere between $0.50 per piece to $3.50 pr piece depending on the store that you get it from and the customization that you need done.

You can also gift away kitchenware favors. Things like "About to hatch egg timer", measuring spoons, Tupperware, honey pots , salt and pepper shakers, tea infusers and many more are some of the most popular baby showers favors that you can give. The prices can vary depending on the shops that you buy them from and the material that has been used. These baby shower favors are more expensive than eatable baby shower favors.

These are of course expensive favors and are usually keepsakes. You can order for small baby carriages, baby rattles and baby bottles that can be given as baby showers favors to the guests. These can be ordered for a number of stores and they will also personalize many of the items for you.

Beautiful votive candles in baby shape or otherwise can be a great idea for baby showers favors. The really good votive candles baby shower favors would start around $3 per piece and can go up depending on what you like. For example you could give away baby carriage baby showers favors.

You could also give away baby piggy bank as your baby showers favors. This is really cute and extremely usable.

Glassware baby shower favors

Glass ware and silverware remain some of the most traditional baby showers favors but nevertheless timeless. Depending on the budget and the theme for your baby shower, you can ask the store to customize the baby shower favors for you. Give away spoons, candle stands, napkin holders and many more with monogrammed baby's name as a baby showers favors.

You could also give away photo frames and photo holders as baby showers favors. These are much appreciated and are extremely handy for everyone.

It's not necessary that you need to give the same favors to everyone; you could even mix and match several of the favors for your guest.