Boy Baby Showers

Boy Baby Showers

If you are going to have a son, you may not yet know what you should do for a baby shower. It is sometimes easier to choose themes when you have a little girl, especially if mom is choosing. However, it can be harder to come up with baby boy baby shower themes. After your son is born, you will soon learn what he likes and what strikes his fancy when planning birthday parties, but that does not do you much good when he is still unborn. Instead, you can go with what you like and what you think represents the imminent birth of your son. Anything you wish will work, but there are some ways to get ideas if you are running low.

One very traditional idea for baby boy baby shower themes is the 'It's a Boy' idea. This is something almost anyone can throw together. If you are throwing a shower for a friend that is not giving her input for ideas, this is one way to go that will never disappoint. There are banners, favors and all types of great things you can buy for a baby boy shower. Most of these things will be in blue, but you can mix it up by adding things of other colors so the blue is not overwhelming.

Some families have jobs or hobbies that can give you ideas when looking for baby boy baby shower themes. Those that have a farm may enjoy a party that includes themes like farm animals or even tractors. Chances are good that a young boy growing up on a farm is going to love those things anyway. If the family is into flying, a theme with airplanes and parachutes can be a lot of fun, though granted the baby won't be doing those things for a while. The family will love the theme because it already means something to them.

Color schemes are common ideas for baby boy baby shower ideas. There are modern ideas for this like blue and shades of brown, but you can use any color combination that you think looks good but also reminds everyone that the baby is a boy. You do not have to go with blue if you do not want to, but most will be confused if you use pinks. You can use deep shades of red if you wish, and green can be a nice for a boy as well. Just stay away from anything that suggests a girl and you can use whatever colors you want.

You may be stuck for baby boy baby shower themes but there are no shortages of great items you can buy. Going shopping either at a craft or party store, or by looking around at shops online can help you find just what you want, even if you did not know what you wanted until you laid eyes on it. There are gift packages, supplies in any size or any size party, and anything else you could possibly need for your upcoming shower. Many even supply things you may need to keep food warm, to present cold foods, and all your paper plate and cup needs. Everything you need and more can be found and while shopping, the perfect theme may just appear.