Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

Your baby shower is the world's first introduction to your little bundle of joy, and your invitation is the very first glimpse. If you want to make an impression that lasts, choose a unique baby shower invitation that compliments your style and personality. With so many options out there, it can seem overwhelming to sort through the umbrellas, bottles and blocks most traditional shower invitations consist of. When searching for a baby shower invitation that is unique, think about the theme you wish to incorporate for the shower. Are you going for a trendy invitation? Or are you looking for something so different that people will be talking about your one of a kind shower invitation for weeks. Choose something that suits you but also incorporates the colors and decor of the shower. Gone are the days when invitations were generic and self-written. Now, you can pick an invitation and personalize it to your own unique specifications.

Your baby shower invitation can reflect a more adult theme and be solely about you, or you can go for the babyish look and choose a design that is cutesy while still being standout.

You can choose a unique baby shower invitation based on the baby's gender, or simply a neutral invitation if you are in the dark about whether you will have a boy or girl. Parents of multiples can select an extraordinary invitation to compliment the not so ordinary experience of having more than one baby. There are even invitations for different races, so that every mom-to-be can feel special and personalized.

Choosing a cute design with equally adorable wording can really get your guests talking about your unique baby shower invitation for days. Having your shower at tea time? Try the Baby Brewing Tea Party Invitation to incorporate your theme while still being whimsical and focusing on your impending motherhood. Or choose a more non-traditional theme like Construction Truck or Airplane Themed Invitation to draw your guests in while highlighting not-so-baby motifs.

Some mothers want a modern and crisp design with no baby undertones at all. This unique style can be achieved by choosing a design that is clean and free of baby related items. Cherry Blossom or a Damask Pink & Blue Invitation can invite your guests to the shower in a beautiful way without sacrificing your design ideals. Simple clean lines and patterns can turn a boring invitation into the unique invitation you have been waiting for.

Some invitations stay hip by utilizing animals to pull together a theme. Whether mom or dad likes an certain animal, or the nursery will be adorned with a specific character, the possibilities are endless. The Owl-Look Who's Having a Baby or the Pony Baby theme are perfect examples of how to choose a central theme and use the invitation as the starting point for the entire shower motif.

Want to include Dad and his hobbies into the shower? Try the Police Car or the Sailboat Baby Shower Invitation. Choosing a more adult themed baby shower invitation can include Dad in on the festivities while giving you the unique invitation you desire. Mom's hobbies can be included as well and great favors and decorations can be achieved by having a cohesive theme throughout the shower.

Whether you choose a baby shower invitation that reflects you, your partner or your baby, you want to choose something that makes you feel special and unique. After all, your baby is going to be a one of a kind design. What better way to start off their precious life, than to choose a baby shower invitation that is as amazing as they are.